The Perks of Roaming Alone

By Johanna Fowler

Stockholm credit Edward Stojakovic

Stockholm – photo credit: Edward Stojakovic

Many travelers claim that traveling alone is quite simply the best way to see the world. The reason for this lies in the very personal experience one has without the influence of a friend or partner. It is so much easier to focus on another person and their respective needs, desires and preferences than it is to focus on yourself.

When you are alone it is infinitely easier to see the world exactly as you want to. You are more inclined to meet new people, to set your own pace and see everything you want to see. More often than not, single women traveling solo on bargain holidays will find themselves on a voyage of self-discovery.

There are a few important things to remember before embarking on your trip, especially if you’re a woman traveling alone. If language barriers are daunting, consider an English speaking destination for your first solo jaunt. There are tons of options and realistically most major cities in Europe are places where English is widely spoken so you will never feel too overwhelmed or out of place.

Since you’re taking the time to travel alone and self-discovery often comes naturally – be sure to make the most of it by experiencing things you are interested in. Be it art, music, all night dancing or shopping, the possibilities (and destinations) are virtually endless so choose wisely.

Single women looking for bargain holidays this summer should consider the various deals available online for the stunning cities of Vienna, Stockholm and Amsterdam. Never with a shortage to see and do, these cities are beautiful, historical and welcoming.

From Mozart concerts to the Sound of Music countryside, Austria is an ideal destination for women traveling alone. English is widely spoken and there are endless museums, palaces and cafes to fill a holiday. You can cruise along the Danube and rejuvenate in a beautiful spa. Vienna is a great place for women looking for a bit of pampering on their solo holiday.

Stockholm, Sweden is a city for walkers, sailing enthusiasts and nature lovers. There are abundant charming cafes in the old city not to mention incredible shopping for Swedish design. Solo travelers will find Swedish people friendly and helpful as they navigate the many bridges and islands of this beautiful city. There are also thousands of lakes and cottages just outside the city which make it easy to escape into the stunning and serene Scandinavian wilderness.

Amsterdam is a fantastic destination for females traveling solo. Dutch people first and foremost are some of the friendliest in the world. You’ll be sure to strike up conversations in line for coffee and learn a bit about the city and its people’s way of life. Rent a bicycle and roam the picturesque canals of the city, wander through the flower market, spend an afternoon reading in a gorgeous Victorian park and relish the freedom of being totally independent as you explore this magnificent place.

Johanna Fowler has been traveling around Europe for the last couple years and she’s been reporting on all what’s going on in the Continent for a number of travel publications in his native England. In his spare time, she also likes to blog for a number of online publications.