The Sweet Adelines Tune In to Fun and Friendship

By Josie Brown

pic1Whenever a group of women get together, they have something to say to each other. When any group of the Sweet Adelines meet, they have something to sing—together.

An international organization with over 35,000 members aging from 17 to 87, these women live to carry a tune. There are 600 choruses and another 1,200 quartets in countries from all over the world—the United States, as well as England, Ireland, Finland, Germany, Australia, Netherlands and Japan, to name a few.

pic2Four-part a capella harmony—”barber shop style”— is the key to the fun and the joy. What with costumes, choreography, and a few well chosen songs, each chorus has a unique look and sound—not to mention a name that reflects its character. It’s natural that a group named the Misty River Music Makers will bring tears to your eyes with Somewhere Over the Rainbow, right? Or that Luminous (photo, right) would both look and sound like sensuous sirens.

So, to take part in the fun, it goes without saying that you’ll need to carry a tune, right?

pic3Well, yes and no. Whereas joining one of the many Sweet Adelines’ choruses will put you in the thick of their undeniable energy and camaraderie, those of us who are vocally challenged can still get into the groove by attending one of the many regional competitions that take place each year.

Better yet, book your ticket now for the Sweet Adelines’ International Convention, which takes place November 4-8, 2008, in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the Hawaii Convention Center. The cost to attend is $160, and an additional $25-35 for the Final Showcase performance. For more information on hotels and airfare, click here to the Sweet Adelines International website.

Harmony, in Hawaii. As a great girlfriend getaway, it hits all the high notes.

(Photos: Top: Harborlites, 2008 International Champion Chorus, from Region 21, Anaheim, CA; Middle: Luminous, 2007 Rising Star Quartet Champion, from Missouri; Bottom: Salt, Region 32, from Huddinge, Sweden)

Click here for audio clips of the Sweet Adelines…

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