Top 5 Cities for Single Travel

By Melanie Nayer

The Island Dog Bar, Key West

The Island Dog Bar, Key West

Congratulations on making it through another winter! Now that you’ve set your weight loss goals, promised to date more, stocked the refrigerator with healthy foods, and committed to finding the job of your dreams, it’s time to talk travel. Where will you go this summer?

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting some great cities  and I’m excited to share my top five cities for single ladies to visit. Back your bags, buy your plane ticket and get going!

Key West, Florida: Nothing says relaxation like Jimmy Buffet and an ice cold margarita. Key West is one of the best destinations for single women thanks to its endless entertainment options, suitable for all tastes and budgets. Pack your flip flops, grab your SPF and stuff a few singles in your wallet to tip the bartenders. Don’t miss a night at the famous sunset festivals on the dock, and if you see the Palm Reader of Key West, make sure you ask him to read your future.

Sedona, Arizona: If relaxation and rejuvenation is what you’re looking for in 2010, you’ll find it in Sedona. Take in a yoga class, hike the Red Rocks, enjoy a day at the spa and go shopping at some of the local markets. You’re bound to leave Sedona feeling rested and ready to conquer what’s ahead. Have a couple of extra days? Jump in the car and head north another 115 miles or so and you will be at the North Rim of the majestic Grand Canyon.

Paris, France: Who said Paris was only for lovers? The City of Light is one of the best cities for singles – the shopping, the dining, the art! You can’t go wrong with a getaway in Paris, just don’t forget to bring your credit card and buy yourself something fabulous!

Galway, Ireland: If you’re eager to get to Europe but aren’t quite ready for the hustle of London, Rome or Paris, hop a flight to Ireland and spend some time getting to know the locals. You and your gal pals will have a great time sipping Shandy’s in the local pubs and singing Irish songs all night long. While you’re here, pick up some of the best wool sweaters and caps, sure to keep you warm all winter.

New York City, New York: Sure, New York always makes the list, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t one of the best cities in the world for single ladies. From Fifth Avenue to SoHo to the Upper East Side, you’ll fall in love all over again with Manhattan. Hint: If you think you’ve seen it all in New York, think again. Go back to the Big Apple and vow to check out all the places you missed on your last trip. I guarantee you’ll discover an entirely new world in Manhattan.

Have fun, ladies! Make sure to send us a note from the road and tell us about your journey.


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