Top Travel Gifts for the Immersion Traveler

By SMW Staff

gpsThere’s nothing better than finding the perfect gift for each terrific person on your holiday shopping list. It’s so great thinking about someone special, knowing what she likes to do and then matching it with something she would never think to buy for herself, or better yet, might not even know about!

When it comes to gifting the travelers on my list, I look for items I use all of the time or would love to own myself, so I put together my top travel gifts for women. For anyone who enjoys driving and exploring new places, there’s nothing better than the GPS. I know that many people have GPS capabilities in their cars, but I love the Magellan handheld and portable GPS, for under $100. It’s amazing and so terrific to use while driving, walking, or double-checking taxi drivers around the world who pretend they don’t speak English and start showing you all the sights to pile up the mileage rather than taking you directly to your hotel.

Travelers also need multi-purpose communication systems, and there’s the super gift of the iPhone 3GS which also has GPS applications, the Web, games with 3D graphics, telephone, e-mail, banking, and texting. Every trip I take I have more gadgets with me than ever before, which creates another problem – the electric outlet. has created the perfect solution: backpacks with embedded solar panels. Lightweight, tough, and waterproof, the styling is hip and futuristic in silver, orange, green or black, and range in price from $199 – 499, depending upon the model. Solar energy is collected and stored in the battery pack and generates enough power to run common laptop adaptors or a USB charger.