Top Travel Gifts For Women Travelers

By Melanie Nayer

Aurorae Synergy Yoga Mat-TowelYou’ve shopped for Mom, combed the circulars for the kids and have your eye on something techy for the special geek in your life. But what will you get the woman-on-the-go?

Travelers are a unique bunch – we buy everything in 3 ounce bottles, ensure our clothes are wrinkle-free and never leave home without our passports, so presenting us with something we can fit in our carry-on can be a challenge. Think outside the box this year, gift-givers. We’ve highlighted our top five travel gift items for women that are sure to please, whether she’s on the go or on her way home.

1. Yoga Mats: What’s one way to get the kinks out after a long flight? A good yoga class. If the traveler in your life finds zen in her weekly yoga class, get her something she can look forward to downward-dogging on. The Synergy Yoga Mat by the Aurorae Yoga Company is more of a yoga mat-towel combination. It’s made of an ultra absorbent slip-free microfiber towel on top of a cushiony mat.

robe-22. Spa Robes: If your traveler indulges in hotel spas and luxury amenities while she’s on the road, consider bringing a little piece of the spa home with a spa robe. RobeWorks ( produces some luxury robes at budget prices. The silky microfiber shells are lined with terrycloth and can be personalized with monograms. Take it from this single woman world-traveler: there’s nothing like cozying up in a soft spa robe after a long flight on a cramped airline. The holiday sale features robes starting at just $99.*

3. The LaSource Travel Pack: Speaking of spas, no one does spa-on-the-go quite like the folks at Crabtree & Evelyn ( The LaSource line is scented to appeal to spa-goers who can’t get to the spa. For $17.99, grab a LaSource Travel bag, complete with 3 oz. bottles of LaSource products, so she can enjoy the spa without paying spa dollars.

4. Travel Kits: Create your own travel kit for her next trip. It’s a cute idea that always comes in handy, and is very budget-friendly. Start with a make-up bag or travel pouch and fill it with the following:

  • Mini-sewing kit, because you never know when you’ll need to fix a hem.
  • ShaveMate Diva razors — These razors come with shaving cream in the handle so you don’t have to scramble for soap.
  • Tide-to-Go, because there’s always a stain somewhere.hand holding an iphone
  • Hand sanitizers
  • Clear nail polish
  • Travel-sized personal items like shampoo, hair spray, toothpaste, deodorant and more.

5. iPhone: Yes, we know it’s a bit pricey, but she’s worth it! Besides, the travel apps on the iPhone are second-to-none. Get last-minute flight information, book a hotel from your home, connect with the kids via social media and Skype applications, and much more. The iPhone will keep her connected when she’s miles away, and it’s likely she’ll find a game or two to play in-flight.

*RobeWorks donated one of their robes to our staff for review with the understanding that we would write an objective review of the robe if we found it suitable for our travel gifts guide. Our editors thoroughly enjoyed the product (and price) and are happy to include it in this article.


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