Websites We Love

By SMW Staff

Like you, we have tons of great friends—many who have wonderful websites you should know about! Here are a few faves…

Susan Bartell, PsyD., is a nationally recognized psychologist and award-winning author. We at SMW are proud to have her on our Advisory Board, and as as a contributor to the SMW Family Channel.

John Challenger is chief executive officer and the driving force behind Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., the global outplacement consultancy firm. SMW is proud to have him on our Advisory Board.

Rachelle Chase is SMW’s BlogTalkRadio host. Her voice isn’t the only thing sexy about her. Her books are smokin’ hot, too! Log onto her website, and check out her own blog radio show, Chatting with Chase.

Michael Shinberg is SuperDad—and a contributor to the SMW Family Channel.

Whitney & Wyatt create wonderful videos on topics for, and about women. is Debba Haupert’s great site with insightful blogcasts for and about girlfriends.


Keith Ablow, MD is a psychiatrist and member of the FOX News Medical A-Team. If you’re interested in a private session, please send an email to He sits on the SMW Advisory Board, and is also a contributor to the SMW Relationships Channel.

pic1John Gray is the author of the bestselling Mars & Venus relationship books. We are proud to have him on the SMW Advisory Board, and as a contributor to the SMW Relationships Channel.

Dr. Pamela Peek is the bestselling author of the book, Body for Life for Women.

Josie Brown is SMW’s Editorial Director and the Relationship Editor. Read about her novels on her website.

Erin Donnelly is SMW’s Looks Editor, and also writes about beauty and fashion in other media. After reading her articles, yes, you do look mahvalous!

Martin Brown is SMW’s Money and Health Editor. To feel healthier and wealthier, read more of his articles at

Jennifer’s Journey takes women to destinations that inspire them to stretch their horizons.

Fabiana Santana is SMW’s Food Editor. Just reading her wonderful articles makes everything in life seem so much yummier!

Melanie Nayer, SMW’s Escapes Editor is an award-winning journalist and travel writer. Melanie writes about the invaluable insights learned from travel around the world. Visit her website ( where she discusses people, politics, culture and more from a single woman’s perspective.

O Solo Mama gives a single mom’s POV of on life, love, family, and the fact that pets are people, too.

Be sure to check out Alaina Sheer’s blog, It is one of the most popular single mom dating blogs out there because her candid, uncensored and highly intuitive advice speaks honestly to single moms at any stage in the dating game.

Sandy Duffy writes poignantly about life, love, family and loss on her website, A Widow for One Year.

Artista creates travel opportunities for women who want to nurture their artistic sides. – A slice of Single Motherhood.

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