What Happens in Las Vegas: A Single’s Guide

By Jody Yetti

vegas-stripWhy does going to Las Vegas as a single girl, with or without friends, offer more than any other destination we can think of?

We can only show you some of the many options Vegas offers.

For some, the initial thought of going to Las Vegas to do anything but gamble is hard to grasp. The thought of walking down Las Vegas Boulevard. is like being inside a pinball machine. But for others, the sights and sounds, rides and adventures, not to mention roller coasters and wave pools create an excitement that only Disney World can rival.

Keeping in mind every hotel has a theme that caters to every taste, penchant and interest one may have, we must remain open to explore the many options that seem endless if we seek anything outside of normal. With towering facades of neon that loom over Las Vegas Boulevard, we are in awe, from the moment we hit the runway upon arrival, to the moment we board our plane back.

There is nothing, short of nap time, that dulls the senses. Ever stand in front of an active volcano? You need only stand in front of the Mirage Hotel which is center strip, to see a fiery volcanic eruption nightly every hour from 7 pm to 11 pm, 7 days a week. Looking for high tech entertainment? Las Vegas showcases the most innovative in magical, theatrical, and aquatic as well as acrobatic entertainment than just about anywhere else on earth.

If it’s name entertainment you prefer, you need only contact the Las Vegas Convention Center for current information on what names are performing at any given hotel. Go to www.visitlasvegas.com.

Need pampering? The Venetian Hotel, which houses the 134,000 square foot Canyon Ranch Spa, is complete with every amenity conceivable in spa treatments to date. The European inspired “Aquavana,” which is an aqua thermal oasis, houses hydro spas with heated loungers that gently massage. The igloo room enhances cool air with 3 arctic mist experiences. Who wouldn’t want this as the perfect solo project for getting in touch with mind and body alike? This is in addition to health and wellness programs more than willing to incite relaxation without resistance even for the most stressed out single woman.

A little too laid back for you? Prefer to party? Perhaps you just need an attitude adjustment. Well you have come to the right place. If Las Vegas can’t get a rise out of you, check for a pulse.

Here are some of the not to be missed hot spots:

Pure. At Caesars Palace, a 36,000-square-foot club with a VIP red room, housing “The Terrace,” the largest year round outdoor venue in Vegas.

Minus 5, the Ice Bar at the Mandalay Bay where it is 5 degrees Celsius, and everything is made of glacial ice, from the seats you sit in, to the glasses you sip from.

For the best martinis this side of oblivion, wander into Red Square, also at the Mandalay Bay, where they serve over 100 varieties of vodka and over 200 martinis and infusions. With a private vodka vault, cool your heels and regroup with this intoxicating experience, and tell me you’re still not impressed.

Rain. At the Palms hotel where fireballs light up the dance floor and water fountains surround you for a hypnotic sensory adventure.

Like to dine? Some of the finest chefs in the world lend their name and culinary expertise to some of the most renowned dining establishments in the most luxurious hotels imaginable, all in Las Vegas.

So whenever you choose a destination with so much to offer and so little time to explore, there is only one solution. Las Vegas will always be an exciting option to repeat over and over again, because what happens in Las Vegas happens to get better every time you go.


Jody Yetti, a single woman business owner and seasoned traveler, has been in the travel industry for more than 20 years. She owns Jody’s Travel Inc., a full-service travel agency for single women and other savvy travelers, located in Moriches, NY. Jody can be reached at 631-281-3636 or www.jodystravelagency.com.

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