Women-Friendly Hotels

By Josie Brown

st-regisSports bars off the reception area. Lousy room service. Bellboys who leer. All great reasons for women to regret any bed but their own. Okay….maybe. Or at least any bed in a hotel. Want a hotel for women?  These earn the adjective “women-friendly,” for the following reasons:

Kimpton Hotels

Location: San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, New York City, Seattle, Washington, DC and others

What Women Like: Kimpton’s Women In Touch Program includes “Wine, Women and Fun” happy hours and in-room spa services, among other bennies.

Big Plus: “Forgot It? We’ve Got It!” program. If you’ve forgotten an item or two, it’s no big deal. Our hotels have always offered a wide selection of quality cosmetics and personal care items

The Premiere Hotel

Location: New York, New York (Times Square)

What Women Like: Nail files, yoga mats, curling and flat irons; oversized bathtubs and lit make-up mirrors—not to mention mags galore, all gratis.

Big Plus: Women-only floors, staffed by women

Crowne Plaza

Locations: Washington, DC, Bloomington, MN, and Milwaukee, WI

What Women Like: Fresh flowers, fashion magazines, sweet-smelling lotions, comfort food (well, ice cream).

Big Plus: Soothing colors that sing to a woman’s soul.

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