10 First Date Fashion Mistakes

By Erin Donnelly

Ever go out on a first date wearing something that you see as fabulous and cutting edge—and considering the dough you dropped on it, it had better be—only to see your date’s face wince in horror? (Men!) And while I’d never tell you to take fashion advice from a dude who probably has t-shirts older than Miley Cyrus, there are certain styles you can avoid for a more flattering, date-friendly look, as featured in my dating audiobook, Dating Dossier: Style.fashionmistakes

1. Baby mama tops. Let’s be honest. These billowing tops and dresses could easily double as maternity wear. And when you’re on a date, trust me, you do not want your guy wondering if he should be taking you to a Lamaze class.

2. Leggings. These are often just unflattering and awkward. If you’re wearing them with a dress, he’s wondering why you’re not just wearing tights or, better yet, flashing those bare legs. If you’re wearing them with just a top, he’s wondering who the hell stole your pants. It’s a no-win situation.

3. High-waist jeans. Put this unflattering look on ice and opt for something with a more standard waistline.

4. Big tacky costume jewelry. Opt for delicate or dainty pieces instead of overly trendy, in-your-face baubles.

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