10 First Date Fashion Mistakes

By Erin Donnelly


5. Giant belts. Sorry, girls—this is just one of those trends that men don’t get. Why does the belt have to be so big? Why do we wear it with clothes that don’t even have belt loops? Why are we trying to dress like Hulk Hogan? They just can’t seem to wrap their heads around it.

6. Retro fashions. Vintage pieces, particularly the more dated-looking they are, don’t get much love in the guy universe. The same goes for modern-day pieces that reference the resurrected fashion trends of decades past. Lots of ‘80s-era neon and stone-wash jeans? No way. Funky flares and chunky wedges? You’ve got to be kidding. Hippie-chick tie dye and peasant tops? Get real.

7. Ankle boots. Fashionistas love them, men think they’re ugly as sin. For the sake of domestic harmony, stick to knee-high boots or standard heels.

8. Sky-high heels. Basically, heels are only sexy if you can wear them without falling down a flight of stairs or finishing the night with them in your hand as you beg him for a piggy-back ride back to the car. If you’re squeamish about heels, experiment with a thicker platform or a wedge heel, which offers more support and stability—or, better yet, wear flats.

9. Shorts. Apparently, shorts are the ugly stepsister to miniskirts. If you’re going to reveal that kind of skin, the line of reasoning goes, it’s far better to up the ante in a skirt than a pair of shorts, which, admittedly, can be hard to pull off if your name isn’t Daisy Duke.

10. White jeans. For starters, white jeans are very hard to pull off if you don’t have a perfectly petite frame. White is not the most slimming color, after all. Secondly, you have only a small style window in which to wear them anyway. But most importantly, they pose so many embarrassing risks. Call it Murphy’s Law…wear white jeans, and something always goes wrong.

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