20 Fashion and Beauty Resolutions Every Woman Should Make

By Erin Donnelly

woman looking over shopping bags11. Boost your beauty. Looking for a new look for the New Year? Many department store beauty counters host in-store beauty events or free makeovers to help you revamp your look. Sephora also offers complimentary makeovers. It’s a fabulous way to test-drive new trends, sample the latest products, and find a style that works for you. There’s no commitment to buy – but you should, if you love the look!

12. Put your best face forward. A monthly facial may not be in your budget, but it’s worth investing on at least one skincare treatment to kick-start the year. Winter weather can leave skin dry and flaky, and a facial can help you restore the glow.

13. Invest in your career. In this economy, your appearance can really count. Invest in a new suit for interviews (Club Monaco and Lord & Taylor have some terrific reasonably priced options), or treat yourself to a polished sheath dress. Remember: You should always dress for the job you want!

14. Trends to try. Feel like shaking up your wardrobe? Fashion Week’s spring collections were ripe with new trends, including exposed zipper details, cut-outs, and candy-colored hues.

15. Scrub a dub dub. If you haven’t had a spa body scrub treatment, you haven’t lived. Treat yourself to a brown sugar or similarly tempting scrub to slough away winter-ravaged skin. You’ll emerge with silky smooth skin that would make a baby jealous.

16. Go yellow. Trend forecasters have predicted that marigold yellow will be the “it” color. Try adding a scarf, tee, or clutch in the cheery color.

17. And then go green. Organic beauty products aren’t going anywhere, and neither is eco-friendly fashion. Stay eco-conscious by supporting brands and fashion designers that create sustainable, socially responsible goods.

18. Get designer on the cheap. Money may be tight, but you can still score some fab designer finds. Check out Target’s new fast-fashion collection from Thakoon, or head to Urban Outfitters for their edgy designer collaborations.

19. Get bold. Intense color is a big makeup trend this year, so don’t shy away from a little hue glory. Play around with pastel eye shadows, a bold new lipstick, or a vibrant nail polish.

20. Upgrade your undies. Kiss those granny panties goodbye and toss any stretched-out, worn-out undies for good. Then pop into the nearest Victoria’s Secret and stock up on something frilly, lacy, and just plain gorgeous. It’s going to be that kind of year.

We LUVLUVLUV IT, and so will you!

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