Beauty Product Patrol: Give Me a Hand

By Maggie Malach

This time of winter, my hands have just about had it with the cold weather. They seem cracked beyond repair and it seems like there is no hope.

But wait.

I am in love and it is with the La Source 60 Second Fix Manicure Set for Hands. In just one minute, this magic duo rehabs my hands and leaves them as good as new.

It’s a simple process. First, apply the hand recovery to wet hands, making sure to massage it into your skin. Rinse it off, then follow with the hand therapy lotion. It’s as simple as that.

I’ve tried a lot of lotions, but none seem to work as well or smell as good as this combination.  The light scent compliments any other fragrances I wear, but is never overpowering. Thank goodness — there is nothing worse than a product that works great but smells awful!

The best part is that it helps keep my hands moisturized so they don’t crack as easily again. The tube sizes are also big enough to last me quite awhile, making this a true deal.