Beauty Product Patrol: Lexli Acne & Skin Care System

By Maggie Malach

LexliSkincare is a top priority for me, and I am always looking for the most innovative new products. The Lexli Acne & Skin Care System immediately caught my eye because it is not water-based, but rather uses aloe as the main ingredient. The system, which contains “a 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade of highly concentrated aloe vera,” is comprised of four different steps. The first step, a cleanser, cleaned my skin and left it feeling refreshed. The second step is an exfoliant, which I actually left on my skin, as opposed to washing it off. A night moisturizer, the third step, protected my skin overnight, while a daytime moisturizer, the fourth step, kept my skin feeling hydrated. The entire system has kept my face smooth and glowing–a definite plus!