Beauty Product Patrol: Mid-Winter Beachy Waves

By Maggie Malach

One of the things I miss most about summer is the way the warm air instantly transforms my wavy hair into Gisele-inspired ringlets. I am perpetually on a quest to find a product that gives me both curls and volumes, without gunking up my hair. Ladies, I think we have a winner.

I am so addicted to Sally Hershberger Wave Primer. Just a few pumps of this product gives me natural looking waves without making my hair stiff. Before using the product, I watched the website’s video of Sally herself showing viewers how to use the foam. Her demonstration was helpful, but I found that it worked best with my hair if I didn’t brush too much of the wave out when combing the product through it.

I want to add that my hair has a lot of natural wave, especially in the summer, but is also very thin. This product definitely added more volume, even if it wasn’t as curly as I initially hoped. Since this is a primer, however, I plan on experimenting with other wavy-enhancing products to see if it boosts the results.

An added bonus, in my opinion, is the subtle coconut scent. It reminded that while summer is six months away, there are still ways to capture the feeling of a day at the beach.