Beauty Product Patrol: Signals Skin Care System

By Maggie Malach

When it comes to my epic beauty struggles, glowing skin tops the list. Thankfully for me and all other women who seek a clear, youthful complexion, there is the new Signals Skin Care System. The line, which comes with an Exfoliating Cream as well as a MSignals Skin Care Systemorning Lotion and a Night Cream, left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Within a day or two of starting my use of the products, I noticed that my face seemed less red, and just more toned in general. In addition, even my acne scars seemed to fade a little bit! The line is designed to “help to reverse the look and feel of the aging cells of your skin,” and I definitely saw an improvement in mine! I have struggled to find products that not only keep skincare problems at bay, but boost the appearance of my skin in general; Signals does all of this and more.