Beauty trends for 2013

By Chris Bell

Beauty trends for 2013Spring 2013 beauty trends include some great new colors and fun ways to apply them.

‘Tini Beauty has come up with a new way to create your own custom looks and colors.  They call it “cocktailing” and you get to mix and match colors, layering them or wearing them alone. The ‘Tini Bar lets you create your own nail or lip colors. First you choose a Straight Up Color, then add a Mixer Color, and finish off with a Topper Color. Click “Create Your Cocktail” and it will be able to see exactly what it will look like. Don’t like it, mix again. The combinations are almost limitless. Or you can choose pre-mixed options like Sangria Splash, Island Sunrise, or Sloe Gin Fizz.

Nailtini Champagne and Sugar Rim nail kitsHere’s what the experts at ‘Tini Beauty predict will be the nail trends 2013.

  • Mixed Textures: Contrasts, like shiny with matte, glitter with cream, and appliques on tips/moons, will come on strong.
  • Multiple Accent Nails: Accents and statements will show up on two or three nails at a time rather than just one.
  • Nail Art: Designs are here to stay, evolving this season into film reel or comic strip nails where each nail shows a different scene or step in a story.
  • Colors: Shades will be colorful but more muted and soft-toned rather than hot, bright or neon.

Look for Nailtini to unveil its new Champagne and Sugar Rim nail kits just in time for spring.


Eyetini Eye Cordials in Dirty Martini (olive green)Makeup trends for 2013 include cream for lips and garden colors for eyes.

  • Lipsticks are still hot for spring, but shimmer will take a back seat to creamier, more velvety textures.
  • Shimmer will shine, in garden-inspired hues that give eyes a fresh, bright look.

Terri Apanasewicz CollectionAnother retro trend making a return?  Using the same lipstick on the cheeks and lips. ‘Tini Beauty’s Terri Apanasewicz Collection is made for this combo use with smooth, blendable, anti-oxidant rich formulas and great hues that wear equally well on cheeks and lips.

Enjoy these new beauty trends, and as always, apply responsibly. Resources


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