Beauty Gifts for Mother’s Day

By Erin Donnelly

mothers day gift ideaFace it. There’s no way you can possibly pay Mom back for 49 hours of labor; thousands of changed dirty diapers; braces, new bikes, and college tuition; and an infinite amount of unconditional love. She’s made you the fabulous single woman you are, and that’s something you really can’t put a price on. But you don’t have to spend a fortune this Mother’s Day to impress dear old Mom. We’ve rounded up an assortment of amazing Mother’s Day beauty gift sets. Happy smart shopping!

Cool Mother’s Day gifts for your cool mom!

Stila's 5 Piece Skincare Try-Me Set


Stila’s 5 Piece Skincare Try-Me Set: Give Mom this ultimate skincare set from Stila. It contains cleanser, scrub, moisterizer, spot correcting & brightening serum and toner/moisture prep. All this for $24.00Victoria's Secret Spring Lights Eye Pallette




Victoria’s Secret Spring Lights Eye Pallette: Victoria’s Secret for your mom? Believe it. This set will help her create a sexy spring eye with one of three suggested color combinations. Includes a free eye primer and step-by-step instructions. $28.00


Clinique Aromatics Elixir Essentials


Clinique Aromatics Elixir Essentials: Perfume and much, much more. Treat mom to a luxurious trio of perfume spray, body cream and body wash. All in a yellow gingham cosmetics bag. $75.00

Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit

Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit: Who doesn’t love Bliss? This set give some much needed TLC to your mom’s kisser with this ‘pout’-of-this-world kit—the only one-‘spa’-shop that cares for your lips to leave them full, healthy and beautiful in four simple steps. $45.00

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