Custom Clothes for Women

By Chris Bell

one size does not fit allEver seen a shirt, a cover up, pajamas that say “one size fits all”? HA! Even the new improved “one size fits most” is a laugh. We all know that women come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Well, there’s a clothing company that has finally figured that out!

eShakti offers custom clothes for women that can be made to fit by size (0-36W), measurement and style. Surprisingly affordable, dresses run from $30-$120, tops and skirts from $30-$90, and jackets from $45-$130. You get to tailor any item to your specific taste, whether it’s a hemline, neckline or sleeve length, to ensure a flattering fit and custom-made look. Who knew custom made clothing could be so affordable. They even made bridesmaid dresses starting at $40 that you would actually want to wear after the wedding.

Here are some of my favorites:

Elizabeth dress from Floral eyelet skirt from Virginia bridesmaid dress from







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