Date Wear: Subtly Sexy

By Catherine Cassidy

Nanette Lepore's Mae West topWhen it comes to getting what you want, subtly goes a long way. You don’t want to come right out and ask for something … often times it’s better to wait for the right time all the while setting yourself up to get exactly what you want.

This couldn’t be more true than in dating and date wear. Show it all off and you’ve left nothing to the imagination. Not to mention, he probably won’t take you too seriously and he’ll likely have a hard time maintaining eye contact.

This Nanette Lepore top is a perfect example for your Subtly Sexy date top. While it’s not in everyone’s budgets, I wanted to share WHY it’s so perfect.

It highlights your Shoulders & Collarbone. The collarbone is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body. Way back when, even showing the collarbone was too much! It’s incredibly feminine and alluring. Highlighting your shoulders balances your hips, thereby creating that illusion of the perfect hourglass figure.

It shows off your Back. Again, showing some skin creates allure … just don’t show too much! This top gives the right amount of a tease!

It drapes along your curves. Draping is so sexy because it helps create curves in all the right ways. I shy away from pieces that are skin tight in preference of something that skims/drapes the body the way this does. It also means you won’t be fidgeting with a too-tight top!

V-Neck with Embellishment. The V-neck is flattering and sexy, without giving anything away. It’s also nice and slimming! The embellishment draws some attention to your curves and enhances them in an enticing way.

Taking leave of the Corporate Fashion Industry, Catherine Cassidy founded U*styled in 2008 to support busy women everywhere. YOU are our mission. U*styled is dedicated to empowering women and giving you the tools to discover the lifestyle you deserve through personal style. Her unique approach to Personal Styling and Brand Image has had her work across a broad range of industries and career stages including Real Estate, Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs and Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

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