Designer Swimwear for Women

By Susan Bodack

L Space - Vapor Mix bathing suitYou may be gearing up for wintertime, but did you know that fall is actually the best time to shop for designer swimwear for women?  Not only do you get last season’s styles at super low prices, but you also get first pick at the brand new collections that are already starting to stock the shelves!  Although I don’t like to play favorites, I definitely have a slight obsession with L Space.  Whether you’re shopping for that upcoming winter vacation or simply want to get a jumpstart on the new season, the 2013 L Space Swimwear line is a must-have for all!

Designer Monica Wise is a swimwear genius and she’s been dominating the industry for years with her fashion-forward designs.  Her collections fuse the trendy with the bohemian, surfer-chic with the glamour-girl, making it perfect for women from all walks of life.  But regardless of the L Space style that catches your eye, you can always count on it to be sexy, in style and perfect for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

L Space - Fringe Steel bathing suitFor her 2013 L Space Swimwear line, Monica Wise showcases the hottest new swim trends while incorporating her own unique spin.  For example, she reinvented her popular fringe bikini top (which has been ALL the rage) and added some chic knotted detailing.  In addition, she saw that the cutout peek-a-boo trend was catching on so she created some new on-trend styles, such as the Strap Back Top.

Because of their tremendous success, L Space Swimwear continues to expand every season, and for 2013, Monica Wise is introducing two brand new lines—one is comprised solely of cover-ups and ready-to-wear styles, while the other is dedicated to her more mature customer base, featuring modest one and two-piece swimsuit styles with a fashion-forward edge.

L Space - Berry bathing suitWhether you’re young or old, or prefer skimpy or more conservative swim styles, the 2013 L Space Swimwear Collection has the perfect jaw-dropping style for you!

Susan Bodack is a blogger and the Director of Social Media Marketing at, a luxury online designer swimwear store.  For more information on the 2013 L Space Swimwear Collection and other swim-related news, check out their blog, Beauty and the Beach. Resources

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