Organic Cosmetics: Going Green Is the New Gorgeous

By Erin Donnelly

smile with green leaf Organic Cosmetics: Going Green Is the New GorgeousI know what you’re thinking. Natural beauty? Scary. If you were meant to put your looks in the hands of Mother Nature, you wouldn’t wake up every morning with Bozo hair and undereye baggage that wouldn’t fit in a carry-on compartment. Besides, surely your fabulous little kitten heels can’t be leaving too much of a carbon footprint, right?

Wrong. Going green with your beauty routine isn’t synonymous with looking like you crawled out of a swamp; it just means that you care about what goes into your skin, and into the environment. Today’s organic beauty products deliver the same (or better) glamorous results you’d expect from ‘the real stuff,’ minus the nasty chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Want to put the ‘hip and chic’ in ‘hippie chick’? Check out these hot (but not global-warming-hot) organic beauty products.

Eco Friendly Make Up

NVEY ECO organic make upBeing green with envy is bad, but being green with NVEY ECO? Good for you! This beauty brand comes from the land down under, and they claim to be the only cosmetics company to be certified organic by The Organic Food Chain. Instead of harsh, funny-sounding chemicals, NVEY ECO infuses its natural products with familiar essential oils and vitamins, whether it’s nettle and horsetail herb in the mascara or chamomile, cucumber, calendula and rose absolute in the liquid foundation. There’s an impressive assortment of organic cosmetics.

Physicans Formula Organic Wear

Thanks to its wildly popular bronzing powders, Physicans Formula has always been the go-to brand for going tan. Now, it’s looking to become the go-to brand for going green. The Physicans Formula Organic Wear line, billed as “the first Ecocert-certified organic line of makeup in the U.S.,” boasts 100% natural ingredients. Better yet, it also boasts drugstore prices, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong on the red carpet. Makeup artist Joanna Schlip used the Organic Wear Loose Powder and leaf-embossed Blush (which comes in a compact made from paper) to create a glamorous makeup look for “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

All Natural Hair Care ProductsSacred Locks organic hair care

Who do Bergdorf Blondes turn to when they want some high-quality, all-natural tress TLC? British star colorist Louise Galvin and her environmentally friendly Sacred Locks hair care line. The luxe line, which includes hair cleanser, conditioner and a treatment masque designed to boost color-treated hair, is free from pesky sulfates, parabens and artificial fragrances. But don’t mistake her ‘less is more’ philosophy for a bare-bones product; Galvin’s products are revered for their ability to deliver healthy shine thanks to her use of natural and naturally derived conditioning agents and essential oils. A member of The Carbon Neutral Company, Galvin’s company was the first beauty brand to offset its carbon emissions by employing eco-minded practices (the posh Galvin even rides a pink bike to work). You can follow her example by limiting your blow-drying time and unplugging all hair appliances when you’re done.

butter LONDON eco friendly nail polishHealthy Nail Polish

Because of the scary ingredients floating in most bottles of nail polish, the most eco-friendly nail care method of all is to, well, go bare. But women (like yours truly) who can’t live without their mani/pedis still have options. butter LONDON is one of them. Touting “we believe in color, not carcinogens,” this charming nail care brand offers a “3 Free” selection of lacquers that are free from formaldehyde (1), toluene (2) and dibutyl phthalate, or DBP (3). butter LONDON may skimp on toxins, but the hip factor is in full effect. Each polish boasts a witty Brit-inspired name-Union Jack Black, The Full Monty, and the glittery pastel Frilly Knickers-and no color, from the milky Cream Tea to the charcoal gray Chimney Sweep, is excluded. To get the full Swinging-London-meets-rock-‘n-‘roll-meets-eco-warrior experience, check out one of butter’s ultra-smooth nail spas on the West Coast or at Dulles Airport. Oh, and when you decide to move on from your pretty pink Nothing Hill, be sure to take if off with an acetate- and acetone-free polish remover.

Spa Ritual eco friendly nail polishSpaRitual also makes DBP-free nail lacquers – their new spring color collection is beautiful – as well as vegan nail elixirs like top and base coats, nail strengtheners, and cuticle treatments scented with ginger and Fuji apple. Resources

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