Fall 2010: Expect the Unexpected

By Maggie Malach

It’s hard to predict one main trend for Fall 2010, but if I did I would speculate that everyone is going to be mixing and matching. Gone are the days where women wore one complete look off of the rack; now we switch pieces in and out to style our own unique looks. Sometimes it helps to have a push in the direction of inspiration, so here are a couple of ways to compile your outfits.

One trend that is carrying over from the spring is a mixture between rough-around-the-edges and the ultra-feminine. For example, celebrities such as Kate Walsh have been seen donning leather jackets over light, flowy dresses. This combination is a great way to work all of the genres in your wardrobe and utilize everything for as much of the year as possible.

Another unlikely combination is that of military-inspired garments mixed with embellishments. The two opposites play off of each other, adding some sparkle to an otherwise very structured look. If you don’t have a sparkly tank to throw on underneath an khakis jacket, simply pile on a few chunky necklaces to soften the look.

One trend that is starting to trickle back into stores is a return of the 80s. We’ve seen a few seasons of embellishments and ripped jeans, but now padded shoulders and big hair and becoming increasingly more popular. Incorporate this trend into your outfit one piece at a time–hauling out your old leg warmers and oversized t-shirts will make you like way to nostalgic. Instead, look for items inspired by–not from–the 80s.

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