Fashion & Beauty Advice: How to Be Green and Stay Chic

By Maggie Malach

Being eco-friendly is always in style. While it can be hard to incorporate some trends into daily life, for the designers of eco-friendly fashion brands, Neuaura Shoes, Restore Clothing, and AUM Couture, it’s totally natural. Here are a few easy ways to fashionably help the environment.

Arti Upadhyay, designer for Neuarua Shoes, suggests, that you…

–  Try to bring lunch from home in a container, by bringing a reusable container you can help to minimize packaging waste.

–  Unplug all your appliances when you are not home, this will help to conserve energy.

–  Try using cloth napkins instead of paper; it saves trees and it is a much more sophisticated feel for any sort of dinning experience.

–  Take public transportation

Celeste Lilore, designer for Restore Clothing, points out that…

70% of the environmental impact of clothing comes from garment care, for the least possible impact make sure to wash clothing responsibly with cold water, biodegradable detergent, no chlorine bleach and be sure to line dry each piece.

Marina Kievsky, designer for AUM Couture, always try to….

Use the least about of paperwork, we often print files when it is unnecessary and the paper just get throws out.  She also suggests they you drink water from Eco-friendly refillable water bottles—every year, more than 26 billion bottles are thrown away.

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