Fashion & Beauty Advice: Style It Up With Shabby Apple

By Maggie Malach

One of the best parts of summer fashion is starting to wear comfortable dresses again. But what is a woman to do when she can’t find the perfect look?  

Shabby Apple is a site that is devoted to  helping women of all body types look fashionable and classy.

What makes Shabby Apple unique?

All of the dresses are office appropriate: no cleavage or skirts that are too short. The dresses are specifically designed to flatter women with REAL bodies, not just supermodels. Each dress is designed to work with a specific bodytype; by using our ‘Fit To Flatter’ feature, women with every body type can find dresses that will make them look and feel beautiful.

What are the latest trends in dresses?

Retro. Retro. Retro.  An interesting point about current fashion is that the further into the future we get, the more we are wearing things from the past.  The latest retro craze is dresses from the 1950s.  Full skirts, polka dots and shirt dresses are all very in.  Think June Cleaver, but with sex appeal!

What is the best way to make a dress versatile?

Don’t be afraid to switch up seasons in a dress.  Pair a summer dress with a scarf and boots and you’ve got a perfect dress for fall.  Pair a sweater dress with sandals, and you have the perfect spring outfit!  Also, use jackets and cardigans with dresses to turn them into a different outfit.

Shabby Apple LLC ( is an American online dress boutique. Shabby Apple simplifies the dressing process for women. The company focuses on helping women dress for their body shape by providing detailed information on the styles, cuts, and fabrics that flatter various body types. The dress designs are inspired by indie-prep professionals and hipster moms.

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