Halloween Fun: Eight Great Grown-Up Costume Ideas

By Erin Donnelly


No more sexy kitten costumes.

This Halloween we’re taking a stand: no more sexy kittens! Or sexy nurses, or sexy Girl Scouts, or—you’ve got to be kidding me—sexy Dora the Explorers. Can’t we do better than that? To help get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up eight Halloween costume ideas for women—including group get-ups—to help take your trick or treating up a notch.

youtube wedding

Rock out wedding style

Kate Gosselin: Get a blonde pixie wig and bust out the weed whacker! You’ll need it to perfect Kate’s hedgehog ‘do. Other essentials: Pink t-shirt, black yoga pants, and a chain of 8 kiddie dolls (which you can stuff in a stroller, backpack, or hand off to a nanny).

The YouTube Wedding Party: Got a bunch of guy and girl  pals in need of a group costume? Have everyone suit up in wedding gear (colorful sundresses for the girls, white button-down shirts and khakis for the guys) and then show off those dance moves. Other essentials: Colorful Gerber daisies for the bridesmaids, sunglasses, a bride and groom, and a boombox blasting “Forever.” (shown)


Go as one of Palmer's bouncy bombshells

“Addicted to Love” Backup Dancer: If you’re short on cash, this ‘80s-centric costume is a cinch. Pay homage to Robert Palmer’s vampy “band” by throwing on a black long-sleeved dress and slicking your hair back. Other essentials: Smoky eyes, full brows, dramatic lips, and a musical instrument of some sort (preferably a guitar). (shown)

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