Halloween Fun: Eight Great Grown-Up Costume Ideas

By Erin Donnelly

Shakira: Channel your inner “She Wolf” with a nude body stocking similar to the Jean Paul Gaultier one Shakira wears in her video. Other essentials: A wide black belt, a wavy blonde wig that hits your lower back, and fangs for that extra wolf factor.

“Real Housewives”: Pick a city, any city. Round up your best gal pals and accessorize with overstuffed bras (hello, boob cutlets!), blonde wigs, and spray tan galore. Other essentials: A token gay style consultant/BFF, a traumatized-looking child, and tons of chi-chi shopping bags.


Glam up as a Golden Girl

“Golden Girls”: If there are four of you gals, hit the wig store for silver fox wigs that would do Shady Pines proud. Other essentials: Cutesy sweaters for Rose, voluminous jackets for Dorothy, a slinky nightgown for Blanche, and glasses and an ever-present handbag for Sophia. Don’t forget the cheesecake! (shown)

Zombie Bridesmaid: Want to get revenge for that heinous lime green chiffon catastrophe your cousin Barb made you wear? Throw it on one last time, give yourself some ghastly stage makeup, and splash on some fake blood (hey, it’s not like you’re EVER going to wear it again). Other essentials: A wilted bouquet and an (optional) fake head of a bloody bride.

“Mad Men” Dame: Are you a Betty, Joan, or Peggy? Hit the vintage store for a 1960 ensemble inspired by your favorite character. Other essentials: A headband, pearls, and flippy blonde ‘do for Betty; a vampy tight red or green sweater and pencil skirt for Joan; and a mousy  retro dress and bangs for Peggy.

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