Fashion Resolve, Within Reach of Your Budget

By Kim Nye

It’s that time of year again. Whether you’ve made an official New Year’s resolution or not, the beginning of each year is always a time of renewal, a time to reflect on all the things that have escaped you in the past, with an eye to the future. This year, all you really need to do is resolve to find great fashion and the rest will follow. According to our research, the top resolution is to spend more time with friends and family, so grab your sister and girlfriends and get shopping. We’ve found the best fashion trends to help you reach all of your goals for the coming year…or at least look like you have.

Resolution: Find time for fitnessStella McCartney's gym studio line for adidas
Best trend: Athletic-inspired pieces that look great in and out of the gym

Fitness isn’t just for fanatics anymore and designers are (finally!) catching on. Consider sporty stripes and practical-but-stylish pieces in comfy fabrics, including jersey knits and drawstring hoodies. We just love Stella McCartney’s gym studio line for adidas (shown). Complement these flexible pieces with a pair of chic kicks and you’ll be ready to head straight from the street to the gym-no smelly gym bag required.

Resolution: Expand your horizons
Best trend: Hand-crafted details that are sure to move you to DIY-goddess status

Intricate, hand-sewn beading, feathers, and embroidery add interest to your wardrobe. Wear a frock with fine embellishments and you’ll agree that the end result is well worth the effort. You might even get inspired to learn how to hand-craft your own (or pretend you did). 

Gold Hawk Short Ruffle Tunic in Raven Black

Resolution: Slim down
Best trend: Slimming black and belts that create an eye-popping optical illusion

Smart women know that black will never really be replaced by anything. It’s perfect in all its versatile glory-plus, its brilliantly slimming. It’s best to soften the gothic hue with delicate fabrics, ruffles or lace. For an extra slimming effect, cinch your black at the natural waist (or slightly higher). This belted ruffle tunic by Gold Hawk (shown) will trim your waist, even if you haven’t actually lost an ounce.



Resolution: Get organized
Best trend: A nude or camel handbag that updates your look and unclutters your life

Gone are the days when a girl’s handbag had to match her shoes. This is both a blessing and a curse: we’re finally free from the conventional shackles of coordinating our accessories, but our favorite lip gloss ends up forgotten in last night’s purse. The answer to your fashion woes? The camel handbag. It might not replace all of your bags, but it will perfectly complement bright colors and cheer up your favorite black jersey knit dress.

Resolution: Help others
Best trend: A vintage vibe that’s new to you and a contribution for them

Going vintage is never out of style, and it’s easier than ever. Just pick your favorite decade and you’ll likely find faux-vintage pieces that fit the period in any department store. But hunting for the real thing is what wearing vintage is all about. It’ll give you a truly authentic look that can’t be matched by look-alikes, and finding that special piece in a thrift store that doubles as a charitable organization (like Goodwill) means you can shop sans the guilt.

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