Fashions Under $50: SingleTease Tees for Single Women

By Erin Donnelly

Yes, you’re batting your eyelashes, aren’t wearing any jewelry on your ring finger, and are flirting shamelessly, but sometimes guys need a little extra encouragement to confirm that you are in fact, a fabulous, attractive, and completely available single woman.

singleteaseBut short of handing out printouts of your profile, what’s a gal to do?

Why not try a tee from SingleTease, billed as conversation starters for singles? These sassy cotton tees make your status (and intentions) clear with flirty sayings like “Support Your Local Library – Check Me Out,” “Boy Scouting (Are You Prepared?),” and the short and to-the-point “Single.”

SingleTease_library_250The shirts come in rich hues like chocolate brown and kiwi green, but let’s not forget your accessories: a dog. SingleTease also sells SinglePup doggie tees that say “Don’t Make Me Beg (For Your #)” and “Paws-itively Single.” Dog may be man’s best friend, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be woman’s best wing man.

Best of all: the price. Each tee is just $28, with doggie tees running $22. Winding up with lots of dates? Priceless.

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