Fashions Under $50: Summer-Ready Accessories

By Maggie Malach

The easiest way to update your wardrobe each season is with a few choice accessories. Here are a few that will help you ease into popular looks for this summer.

Women’s Ombré-Stripe Jersey Scarve, $10.00, Old Navy

Scarves have become increasingly popular the last few seasons, and this summer will be no exception. Stores like Old Navy provide a variety of colors and styles at a fantastic price. Lightweight scarves are a great way to accent a solid color tank or keep you warm after the sun goes down.

Guess Silvertone Hoop Earrings, $15.00, Macy’s

Every woman needs to sparkle up her outfit now and then and these simple hoops are a perfect way to do it. Summer calls for carefree style, and these hoops will go with anything. Their lightweight appearance blends flawlessly with a chic all neutral outfit, but add a touch of sass for anyone heading out for a night on the town.

Buckled Cummerbund Belt, $34.00, Anthropologie

Nothing says “summer” faster than a nautical striped belt. This instant classic from Anthroplogie calls to mind visions of long days on sailboats and walking barefoot in the sand. It can add structure to a loose-fitting shirt or it can add a pop of color to an all-white outfit. Either way, it is the perfect belt for the sailors and landlubbers alike.

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