How to Find Your Perfect Swimsuit

By Jennifer Hanes D.O.

How to Find Your Perfect SwimsuitTired of the same swimsuit advice year after year?  No more.  The previous advice you received was likely from a fashion expert.

That’s great, but it’s only part of the story.

On a subconscious level, a women’s figure is judged, by both men and women, by her waist to hip ratio.  The ideal ratio is 0.7 or just under.  This means the “ideal” measurements of a 24 inch waist and 36 inch hips, are indeed scientifically correct. 24 / 36 = 0.67

In our primal brains this ratio suggests fertility and thus the ultimate in beauty.  Think we have outgrown this barbaric ritual?  The 0.7 ratio has been constant in beauty contestants and centerfold models throughout the years despite the variable chest measurements.

Why is this important?  Because once we understand the science of beauty, we can use it to our advantage rather than solely relying on the opinions of fashion gurus.  If the ideal is to create an hourglass than the age of wisdom to wear a bright top and dark bottoms to camouflage your hips, becomes quite silly.  In fact, the to create the illusion of the hourglass one would want to draw attention TO the hips.

I realize these tips at first seem different and out of your comfort zone.  However, if you had the perfect swimsuit for your body, you would not be reading this article. For the perfect hourglass body:  The most flattering is the traditional bikini.  To accent your figure, choosing a top with more coverage will make your breasts appear larger.  Bottoms that are low-rise will emphasize the curves of your hips accenting your hour-glass shape.

For the rest of us:  Great choices are the monokini with the sides cut out.  This swimsuit creates the illusion of an hourglass even though your waistline extends wider than the band in the middle.  It is the optical illusion of the thinner waist that makes this suit so appealing.  The downside is an odd tan-line.  But, if you look great while at the pool, then who cares?

For those choosing a one piece swimsuit color blocking that comes in at the waist is best.  Material gathered at the waist for a ruffled or scrunched appearance can be very helpful as well.

Finally, for those choosing a two piece or a tankini the opposite style will be most flattering.  Go for a top in a basic dark color and then add the color and print to the bottoms.  Yes, this will feel strange since you have been told the opposite for years, but try it on and see what you like best.

This method of choosing a swimsuit will give you the best results for achieving the ideal waist to hip hourglass figure.  The most important aspect to any swimsuit is that you feel beautiful.  When you feel great, you look great.

Enjoy your summer at the beach!

*The swimsuits displayed here are from Anthropologie


A board certified emergency physician, Jennifer Hanes, D.O., discovered that patients have greater success when they understand their bodies.  With that unique philosophy, she founded Empowered Medicine, PLLC, where knowledge is powerful medicine.  She empowers patients with her articles, motivational speeches and private consultations.

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