Four Hot Beauty Looks for the Holidays

By Erin Donnelly

Four Hot Beauty Looks for the HolidaysQ. The holidays are around the corner and I want to wow my friends with a glamorous new holiday look. What beauty trends are hot this season?

A. Glad you asked. Holiday parties are a great opportunity to take our makeup up a notch and try trends that may be a bit too extravagant for the office or Wednesday night book club. Pair your little black dress with these fab beauty looks:

1) The Red Lip. Yes, Virginia, there is a red lipstick for everyone. Fall’s ‘40s trend has sparked a resurgence in bold red lips offset by creamy complexions. All you need to do is find the right tone for you. Plan an afternoon where you hit up your local high-end department store or Sephora; the makeup artists on hand will be happy to steer you towards your perfect red. Finish the look with porcelain-esque skin, a touch of rosy blush, soft neutral eyes with a hint of shimmer, black liquid liner, and lots of lashes.

2) Goth Glam. Don’t worry –we’re not going to tell you to smear black lipstick all over your face while rocking a punk rock frock you picked up at Hot Topic. That said, edgy black makeup is trendy right now, but with a sophisticated twist. Think intensely smokey eyes paired with a pale pink lip, or a near-black pout teamed up with a cat’s eye. For inspiration, check out MAC’s step-by-step Style Black looks.

3) Berry Beautiful. Add some pretty color to your look with a plum or mauve shadow, which works wonder when it comes to warming up the collection. Keep your blush and lip in the same color family, but mix your tones for complexity. A very romantic companion to gorgeous ringlets and a to-die-for dress!

4) Sparkle Motion. The holidays are one of the few times when you can get away with coating your lids like a disco ball—so why miss out? Steal the spotlight with heavy metallic lids accented with thick black liner and mile-long lashes (falsies will do), but keep your blush and lips tamed by a pale pink hue. Hello, diva!

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