Fun in the Sun

By Maggie Malach

If there is one summer fashion that should never go out of style, it is protecting your gorgeous skin. While copious amounts of sunscreen are key in preventing sunburn, nothing is a chic as throwing on a cute hat as you run out the door.

Samantha Jones Sex and the City For those ladies seeking maximum coverage, there is the classic floppy, wide-brimmed hat. The ultimate single girl, Samantha Jones, rocked one numerous times in the first Sex and the City movie. Although it may take a little attitude to pull off, this hat adds some fun to a sunny day.

For a more retro vibe, another popular style is the fedora. Slightly sleekier than Ms. Jones’s hat, the styles up a beachy look.

When in need of a casual hat, don’t forget the go-to in headwear: a baseball cap. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon have been seen rocking them year-round. Although you may not be dodging paparazzi flashbulbs, you can still deflect some rays in style.

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