Get Blake Lively’s Effortless Look

By Maggie Malach

Lately Vogue has been all about Blake Lively, and so have I. I can’t get enough of her beachy, yet relatable, style that is so fresh and so chic. Here are a couple of elements that will help you pull together the ultimate Blake ensemble.

Think boots. Over boots or under mini skirts, Blake is all about flaunting her legs. Be creative in how you wear them–our girl is not afraid to think outside the box.

Mix and match. Despite her Gossip Girl wardrobe, Blake mixes high and low end pieces. While not every woman can stand in her Louboutins, you can imitate her knack for variety. Throw a leather jacket over a flowy dress and pile on the accessories!

Go big or go home. Blake is often seen with an oversized handbag slung over her arm. What keeps this look pulled together is the well-tailored look of the rest of her clothes. Carry a slouchy bag, but make sure your pants and top are well-fitting.

Keep it natural. Blake has stated that she doesn’t use a stylist and usually does her own hair and make up. This makes her grooming totally accessible. Let your hair air dry, spraying some texturizer in it to enhance the natural wave. Once dry, pump up the volume by curling your strands around a large-barreled curling iron.

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