Get Kim Kardashian’s Classic Glam Look

By Maggie Malach

This past year the Kardashian family has taken the red carpet by storm. Once known for being Paris Hilton’s friend, Kim Kardashian has stepped out to claim her own spot in the limelight. Her style is effortless, yet extremely recognizable. Here are a few ways to work that classic Kim look into your own wardrobe.

Blazers. Kim loves a fitted blazer. Check out any episode of her family’s television show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and you can catch her rocking this menswear piece. Kim has a variety of blazers, but they are usually in neutral tones and always well-tailored. She uses them to accent a slim-fitting pair of pants or to throw over a dress.

One-shouldered dresses. Kim flaunts her curves by wearing her trademark one-shouldered dresses. Like the rest of her clothes, this is a classy way to show some skin without going too far. Just make sure that if the top of the dress is low cut, that you balance it out with a slightly longer skirt.

Bling it out. Kim loves to accessorize up her outfit with lots of silver jewelry. Because she wears so many neutral colors, this is essential in making every ensemble unique.  Pile on some sparkly necklaces or throw on a men’s-style watch to change up your look.

Boots. Kim and her sisters are always seen wearing boots over jeans, leggings or with dresses. This season they have embraced the over-the-knee boot, but keeping their usual sky-high heel. Wear whatever heel length you feel the most comfortable with, but be sure to balance out the rest of your outfit to you aren’t showing too much skin elsewhere.

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