Get Through a Mid-Winter Fashion Slump

By Maggie Malach

Woman bundled up for winterThis is the time of year when I get stuck in a creativity rut. I am over wearing boots everywhere, my clothing options seem spent, and I am very ready for spring to hit. With this in mind, I have devised a few ways to boost your (and my!) attitude until warmer weather rolls around.

celebrityhair(High)light up your life. When I have exhausted all clothing options, I venture toward my hair. For those who want a more drastic change, switching up your color is a way to make all of your clothes look differently. When I just need to brighten up the winter months, however, I have found there is nothing like a set of foils to add a splash of sun to your appearance.

BlingBling. I am a huge advocate of tanks and cardigans, but there comes a point where it seems like I have made every combination possible. When I need an extra sparkle in my wardrobe, I hunt down some fun jewelry. Places like Target and Forever 21 are great if you want trendy pieces that will just last a season. For more permanent, yet still affordable, accessories, try Banana Republic or J.Crew.

madras scarfStyle it up. I dread the need to bundle up every time I step outdoors, so by the time January rolls around I am a little more than bitter about it. However, I have found that by changing up my winter accessories I am able to pull through these gray months. After finding an absolute steal on a sleek (yes, sleek) wool coat, I invested in a trusty pair of leather gloves and a few fun scarves. If I am going to be forced to layer for warmth, I figure I might as well have fun doing it.

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