Guilty Pleasures: Sinfully Indulgent Beauty Treats

By Erin Donnelly

Guilty Pleasures: Sinfully Indulgent Beauty TreatsYou have plenty of “Calgon, Take Me Away!” moments. But when’s the last time you actually, like, let Calgon take you away?

Instead of slipping into a relaxing bubble bath, you settle for a quick jaunt under the shower head. You’ve got your makeup routine streamlined to two minutes or less, and your body lotion of choice is whichever one is closest to the sink. Heck, even your Toyota gets more TLC when it visits the car wash.

Enough is enough. You will always be busy. You may always be stressed. But life’s much too short to be skimping on your primping. It’s time to treat yourself, girl!

These to-die-for beauty goodies will transform your bathroom into the spa of your dreams, helping your stress melt away as you tune out, soften up, and go glam. Go on…you deserve it.

The Perfect Bath

Showers are great. Really. But they don’t quite measure up to the blissful enjoyment of a long soak in a perfectly heated bath overflowing with foamy bubbles. Dim the lights, let the tap flow, and crank up the Norah Jones CD of your choice.

Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil: Just as luxurious as soaking in a tub filled with rose petals, but less likely to clog up the drain… Soak up the heady scent of fresh roses tinged by violet leaves, lemon and spearmint.

Agent Provocateur Bubble Luscious: Just the name of this creamy, fragranced bubble bath oozes pleasure. Tell Mr. Bubbles to take a hike.

Juicy Couture Caviar Bath Soak: Living up to the brand’s “Couture” moniker, this heavenly bath soak contains real caviar and coral extracts.

Philosophy Carrot Cake 3-in-1 Shampoo, Bubble Bath & Shower Gel: What’s up, doc? This dreamy multipurpose potion hits all the right memory sensory spots.

Davies Gate Sugar Plum Bath Fizz Pop: This playful bath bomb releases a hydrating plum-scented body oil upon contact with water.

Diptyque Tuberose Rouge Candle: Every proper bath calls for a flickering candle or two, and this rosy version is too enchanting to pass up.

Space.NK Enrapture Bath Tablets: The cult British brand’s effervescent tablets trigger an ahhh-inducing aroma of orange blossom, tuberose, ylang ylang and blackcurrant bud.

Santa Maria Novella Pomegranate Bath Salts: Soak up the scent and skin-boosting benefits of divine pomegranate.

Claus Porto Fantasia Soaps: With intoxicating scents like Mimosa, Honeysuckle and Wild Orchid to pick from, these 100% mango butter soaps seduce the senses.

Skin-dulgent Treats

Skin is the body’s largest organ—which means it needs some big-time pampering. Lavish yours with unbelievably rich, fragrant, sparkling, and good-enough-to-eat creams and powders for gorgeous, silky-smooth results.

Michael Kors Glimmer Body Crème: This floral-scented whipped body lotion delivers a shimmering sun-kissed glow. Rub some over pale legs for an instant mood (and sex appeal) boost.

Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Souffle Body Crème: Drooling yet? This luxuriously rich moisturizer contains notes of almond, espresso, Frangelico, vanilla, sweet maple and honey. Try not to eat it.

Sampar Lavish Dream Cream: This irresistibly thick, melts-right-into-your-skin facial cream is great for creating silky-smooth, line-free complexions.

BORBA Cashmere Fiber Lip Kix: Your lips are soft, but are they cashmere soft? This shea butter lip balm contains cashmere fibers for amazing softness.

Fracas Silkening Body Powder: Treat yourself to a bit of old-school glamour with this floral-scented body powder, which comes with a velvety puff that looks like it’s straight out of Marilyn Monroe’s dressing room.

Fresh Rose Face Mask: This rejuvenating face treatment invites you to stop and smell the roses—literally. The mask helps tighten pores and hydrate the skin thanks to crushed rose petals, cucumber extract, seawater, chamomile, aloe and more.

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