Hot Date Alert: Your Valentine’s Day Get-Ready Countdown

By Erin Donnelly

Valentine's Day Get-Ready Countdown
Well, look who has a big date this Valentine’s Day! Take a moment to bask in your glory. Okay, moment over. Now it’s time to get to work. The hair, the makeup, the dress, the-oh dear God, when’s the last time you had a manicure? Never mind, dear. We’ll cover everything you need to prep for the big day in this easy-peasy guide. Because finding Mr. Right is hard enough.

Waxing: 2-3 Days Before

No, you don’t have to go out and get a heart-shaped landing strip plastered down there, but a little south-of-the-border never hurt anybody. (No wait-that’s a lie. It hurts like hell.) Whether you go in for the full Brazilian or just a bikini clean-up, give yourself enough time to bounce back from the swelling, redness, leftover wax, and sheer ouchiness of it (we’re really selling this service, huh?). Don’t give yourself TOO much time, though, as stray hairs can pop up like weeds. If they do, grab the Tweezers. Now pass the aspirin and the tequila.

Tanning: The Day Before

If you want a faux glow, you can always try an at-home self tan or a spray tan booth. But for this special occasion, it’s worth it to splurge on a thorough, spotless airbrush tan. Yes, you’ll have to be topless while a technician ‘fumigates’ you with Cheeto-hued spray, but if you’ve done the waxing this should be old hat by now. Timing is everything-the solution needs a few hours to soak in before you rinse it off, so if you leave it to the day off you’ll show up to dinner looking like George Hamilton and smelling worse. However, as time goes on the tan begins to fade, and splotches will crop up, so don’t hit the salon too early.

Manicure/Pedicure: The Morning Of

So long as you’re not in so much of a rush that you smear your pretty coat of paint, a Saturday morning nail session is in order. A soft neutral or pale pink is always chic, but don’t be afraid to experiment with trendier colors like a deep garnet or even black. Even Jennifer Aniston sported black nails to the premiere of He’s Just Not That Into You, so try it out if you want to go the seductive route in a LBD.

Eyebrow Wax: The Morning Of

Brows look fabulous after they’ve been waxed-that is, once the redness dissipates. Book a wax at your local nail salon when you go in for a mani/pedi.


Before you reach for your go-to Chi, consider creating romantic loose waves for the big night. Another big trend worth trying is the braid. Create a deep side part, then braid the front section of hair down to the ear, then secure it to your up-do with a bobby pin. It’s sweet, yet unexpected.


You can never go wrong with smoky eyes, but if you feel like mixing it up, keep the eyes soft in favor of a dramatic, kissable pout. Sweep a pearly or soft metallic shadow over the lids, add a touch of black liquid liner and mascara, brush a luminizing powder over the face, and coat lips in a lovely Old Hollywood red.

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