Spring Cleaning: How to Organize Your Closet Like a Pro

By Erin Donnelly

Women chooses clothesNo matter how hard you try, you just can’t put it off any longer: spring cleaning. And while tackling dust bunnies isn’t so bad, have you asked the question, “How will I ever organize my closet?” Wouldn’t it be easier to, you know, move? Thankfully, the good folks at premier closet service Garde Robe are here to offer some words of wisdom on closet organization and smart packing.

Q. How often should I reorganize my closet?

A. Here at Garde Robe, we recommend our members reorganize their closets three times a year-always with the change of seasons (fall/winter, spring/summer) and again if they shop extensively and purchase many new items. This helps to transition items from season to season, make you decide what to do with those pieces you haven’t worn recently, and keep you excited every time you open the door to your private boutique.

Q. If I need to save money and do a closet reorganization on my own, what are some tips you recommend for keeping my clothes organized?

A. Make your closet feel like the ultimate boutique shopping experience. First, answer this question: does your favorite boutique arrange items by item type, color or designer? Then arrange the garments in your closet accordingly.

Hangers: Give a look of uniformity and different types can help identify isolated hanging areas (pants, skirts, tops, suits, etc.).

Shelving: An inexpensive way to add dimension and display options for your wardrobe.

Storage Bins: From your most basic breathable canvas to decorative patterns, these can help turn your closets into a working display of who you are.

Shoe Rack: Get your favorite girls in order. If you can see them, you’ll keep smiling.

Sachets/Air Fresheners: Use sachets or scented candles (never lit, of course) for an aromatic kick….citrus and ginger, anyone?

garderobeQ. I always seem to get attacked by mothballs. How do you keep clothes looking fresh and well-preserved?

A. Swap those overpowering mothballs for sachets of peppered rose, lavender, or whatever appeals to your senses. Cedar balls and sachets will act as a deterrent, but always keep your most precious hanging items in breathable garment bags and folded items such as knits need to be wrapped in acid-free tissue and placed in breathable canvas boxes. Also, to keep clothes looking pristine, follow the suggested care instructions and put them away neatly. This will help keep them identifiable so you don’t have to dig through what feels like a discouraging thrift pile that makes you want to walk out without purchasing.

Q. What about shoes-I have a million pairs! What’s the best way to keep them tidy and well-organized?

A. Think feet first-it all starts from the ground up. Before you introduce your new favorite shoes to the world, start with a trip to the cobbler for preventive care. As you continue to wear them, keep them looking fresh with a polish and resoling as needed. Use clear stackable storage bins, as they support organization and you can see what you’re looking for. Always use boot trees and toe shapers to extend the lives of your irreplaceable beauties.

Q. You also offer a packing service. Any space-saving packing tips you can offer for my summer vacation?

A. Just as you keep your closet sorted, so should you your suitcase. Fold similar items together and wrap them in acid-free tissue or breathable canvas traveling cases. This will help keep things compact. Also, check ahead to see what the weather will be like at your travel destination, consider the length of stay, and only pack for three quarters of the time you will be there. Your suitcase will be light and you’ll have room for all the great things you’ll buy on holiday

Garde Robe is a New York City-based service offering closet organizations, storage and virtual closet features, and personal packing help.

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