I Really Love My: Awesome Handbag!

By Catherine Cassidy

Nikki Reed really loves her PURPLE Rebecca Minkoff bag!

Do you do a little star style stalking as a break in your day? I definitely do! Granted, it’s part of my job to stay up on celebrity style, but it’s also a bit of a guilty pleasure. When I was in corporate fashion, I loved that this was considered part of my job.

Celebrity’s can be such a great resource for the rest of us who don’t get free clothes shipped to us. Because they do get freebies, it gives them ample opportunities to play with clothes. (Of course, this also means a Fashion DON’T from time to time!)

People’s ‘I Really Love My” is one of my favorite celebrity style resources. I borrowed this pic from the site and it has two takeaways I wanted to share with you.

1) It shows a stunning handbag. It’s no surprise that the majority of these photos show celebrities with the same handbag. Just like you and I, they tend to use one the majority of the time and it’s one that we LOVE.

2) It shows a stunning PURPLE handbag. I love adding pops of color to an outfit and I love how simply adding accessories can add that stylish bit of polish. It really doesn’t have to be more difficult than that. Why do you think you see celebrities in their Gap t-shirts with their Miu Miu bags? (Or, in this case, Rebecca Minkoff) This bag is instant glam and sophistication without adding any level of difficulty to getting ready.

Disclaimer: My ‘I Really Love My’ handbag is a Blue leather Rebecca Minkoff as well. I love how she designs handbags that are so ‘classic with a twist’ with great hardware (Fashion Jargon: the metal details on your bags and accessories) and amazing leather. Plus, as I’ve said before, that oh-so-important Pop of Color!

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