Is Your Wardrobe Ready for the Holidays?

By Maggie Malach

The other day I was asked just what does it mean to dress in a “holiday festive” manner and it occurred to me that while we have guidelines from everything from black tie to business casual, this is something left undefined. While holiday parties cover the entire spectrum of formality, here are a few ideas to inspire your holiday cheer.

I’m notorious for loving embellished clothes, so the holidays are an open invitation for me to crack out the items that at other times of the year are might be a bit too sparkly.  While I encourage you to add a little bling to your outfit, I definitely caution you to do it in proportion.  For example, I love this Ann Taylor sequined cardigan–it works well over a dress or with a great pair of pants.

A lot of women want to be festive, but are afraid to overdo the whole red and green thing. One of my favorite looks is blending silver and gold. It’s classic, formal, and still recognizes the special occasion.  I like to accent my outfit with a touch of red or green to break up the neutrals.

Another great way to change up your look is with a statement piece of costume jewelry. I love wearing a big necklace with an otherwise understated look.  The extra sparkle will add something to your outfit.

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