‘Je ne Sais Quoi’ Style

By Catherine Cassidy

It’s HER. She EMBODIES her style.

More than style, it’s literally HOW she wears it. And not necessarily how she accessorizes and layers … though that is important because it’s the care with what she chose for accessories and layers.

The point is that she does care. She’s aware. She enjoys it. And she’s CONFIDENT in her style.

You’re noticing her energy. It’s drawing you in!!

So, how can you attain that certain ‘Je ne sais quoi?’

1) Embody

Elegance is not in the dress you wear. It’s how you wear the dress. A simple black dress could be missed on one woman (even though it looks great) and be a showstopper on another woman. You are beautiful. Own it!

One thing I remind my clients is that they really do have it in them. I’m just guiding them to really bring out their true inner style. Once they get that (and have some fun as I push their boundaries), it’s really fun to see them really STEP UP in style. They start playing with clothes and adding flourishes they wouldn’t have.

Suddenly, they’re getting a LOT more compliments than they’re used to. It’s fun. They notice the positive attention and it inspires them to continue to embody and OWN their style.

2) Care

Simply caring about how you present yourself speaks volumes.

Think about Jackie O. She’s an American Icon in style. Yet, she had a fairly simple style. She wore mostly neutrals and pretty simple outfits without a lot of flourish. Her accessories were understated. However, everything was in impeccable taste, condition and cut. Not to mention her hair was always styled and her makeup always done.

We all have days that we simply have to get out the door. I get it … and I have a LOT of them!

The thing is you can find shortcuts. There is a reason why the sleek ponytail stays in Style (and I am by NO means a hairstylist!) … it’s easy, effortless and polished. Have your ‘uniform’ that you know works on those rushed mornings – know what pants fit you best, your favorite tops and your staple accessories (such as a watch, a ring or two, a simple necklace, diamond studs, etc.). Even Vera Wang, one of the most revered designers in the world, has a uniform!

3) Truth

If you’re funky and a bit of hippie, then a preppy conservative look isn’t going to work for you even if you’re audience is business formal and conservative. On the flip side, trying to go for the bohemian look because it’s the ‘trend’ is going to look awkward on you if you’re really a total prep (I will admit … I totally am!).

Simply be honest with yourself about your style and play into it. You can still be appropriate to your audience and on trend by adapting it with your flair.

If you want some guidance as to the ‘truth’ of your style, consider who you think are especially stylish people and why. What is it about their style you are drawn to? Why do you resonate with them? What can you learn from them? Now interpret it for yourself with what you’ve already got in your closet!!

Who’s that woman turning heads? Oh, YOU!

Taking leave of the Corporate Fashion Industry, Catherine Cassidy founded U*styled in 2008 to support busy women everywhere. YOU are our mission. U*styled is dedicated to empowering women and giving you the tools to discover the lifestyle you deserve through personal style. Her unique approach to Personal Styling and Brand Image has had her work across a broad range of industries and career stages including Real Estate, Finance, Consulting, Marketing, Advertising, Entertainment, Entrepreneurs and Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

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