Jean Mutations: Kiss Your Denim Blues Goodbye…

By Erin Donnelly

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is sort of like searching for the wedding dress of your dreams. No, wait—it’s harder. It’s pretty easy to hide a figure flaw or two under yards and yards of silk-beaded taffeta, but denim isn’t quite as forgiving. With jeans, it’s not just a matter of finding something in your size; it’s finding that magic pair that you can get on without the aid of a second person and the ability to suck in your stomach and your thighs simultaneously. That pair that creates the curves you want and conceals the ones you don’t. That pair that doesn’t dredge up words like “muffin top,” or “saddle bags,” or “high-water.” That pair that feels like a second skin.
In other words, that pair that you’ve been searching for in vain from the moment you looked down and realized that—nooooooo!!!!!!!—your reigning “it” jeans had become as threadbare as the plot in a porno.
But cheer up, you blue jean baby queen. We’ve unearthed two dream denim destinations that will help you find the styles and brands you crave, in the figure-flattering fits you need.
True Jeans
Your days of standing before a horribly lit dressing room mirror in a pair of too-tight jeans with a crotch that comes down to your knees, silently begging to be taken out of your misery, are over. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the house—but you do need some measuring tape.
True Jeans is revolutionizing the denim industry with its why-hasn’t-anyone-thought-of-this-before?, simple-to-use search engine which filters out jean styles according to your measurements. Stocked with top designer labels for men and women—think Paige Premium Denim (shown), Chip and Pepper, 7 For All Mankind, Lucky Brand and more—the site is designed to weed out the “wrong jeans” with just the click of a mouse, leaving you with a whittled-down selection of strong contenders. And did we mention that they carry plus sizes for women too?
“True Jeans’ mission is to help people of all shapes find jeans and apparel that fits and eliminate the dressing room forever,” says Romney Evans, the company’s co-founder and CEO. “True Jeans puts fit before fashion, reversing the typical jeans buying process.Many people see a jean style that they like, but to their dismay find out that the jeans just aren’t right for their body shape.True Jeans is like shoppingat adepartment store where everything that doesn’t fit you disappears.Once you narrow down your shopping experience to jeans that fit, you can focus on the fun part of shopping and focus on style, wash color, and details.”
So how does it work? Grab that measuring tape (or download one from the site, or—wow—have them send you a free one) and input your digits into the search engine. Next you’ll be guided through a series of questions about your body shape and fit preferences, after which the site spits out a focused batch of styles to choose from. Each result provides multiple photographs, a detailed description, size suggestions, and fit ratings for the waist, seat, thighs and inseam.
True Jeans has literally made shopping a no-brainer. All you need to do is pick the style you like best, check out, and try to figure out how you’re going to spend the remaining 23 hours and 45 minutes of your day.
Promising to help shoppers find the perfect jeans in three minutes, Zafu also provides shopping tailored to the individual’s unique preferences and body issues. What’s more, the site extends its filtered search technology to include not just denim, but also trousers and bras—because, let’s face it, finding a bra that doesn’t pinch, poke or project can be a Mission: Impossible of its own.
Though currently only available for women, Zafu is in the process of launching a site for men. But enough about the fellas—what’s in it for the ladies? Plus-size jeans for full-figured gals, for one, plus a broad selection of styles, brands (Calvin Klein, J. Brand (shown), True Religion, Levi’s, etc.) and prices that range from dirt-cheap to designer.
Rather than inputting precise measurements, shoppers are asked questions about their body shape and stats, and how their current jeans fit (do they gape, etc.). Next comes the “wishlist,” which answers the tough questions: Do you want a pair of jeans that makes your butt look booty-licious, perky, or both? Shoppers can also mark which body flaws they’d like to keep under wraps: butt cleavage, muffin top, saddle bags, or stick legs. (We say: all of the above.)
Finally, select your preferred rise, then wait as the results come in. Zafu allows you to further narrow down your offerings according to brand, price, leg style, fabric, details and more. Unlike True Jeans, which lets you purchase your favorite pair through its site, Zafu redirects you to a different merchant’s site, whether it’s Kohl’s or Bloomingdale’s. 

Either way, you’re one step closer to that perfect jean euphoria. And if you happen to gain (or lose) five pounds, who cares? Now you know you’re only a few clicks away from that new ultimate pair of jeans.


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