Out With the Old, In With the Gently Used

By SMW Style Editor

ThreadUpTrading in your old clothes has never been easier thanks to the new online clothing exchange, threadUP.

Picture your closet. Really, picture it. Think about how many shirts you pass over each day when you get dressed in the morning. Five shirts? Twenty shirts? How many suits? Sweaters? Have kids? Double that number.

Here’s a fabulous solution to all those unworn clothes hanging in your closet. thredUP is an exciting national clothing swap that combines the best features of Netflix, StubHub and eBay to help you easily exchange clothing you don’t wear anymore for new-to-you clothing you will.

Unlike so many of the onerous swap sites out there, thredUP does 95% of the work. It makes the connections, facilitates the mailing (no trips to the post office), and monitors quality.

Here’s how it works

1. You tell threadUP exactly what you like. They shop other people’s closets to find you hidden gems in your size that they think you’ll love.

2. You provide threadUP with a list of great items you’re no longer wearing. They find thredUP members who are interested in items like these.

3. threadUP manages the peer-to-peer exchange. You send and receive items using their pre-paid envelopes – no trips to the Post Office, ever!

It’s that easy!

  • Just like Netflix, their members go online and provide a list of items they are looking for. For example, they may wish for that perfect little black dress, a couple of new shirts for school, or pants for a growing child.
  • Just like eBay, their customers also go to thredUP.com to provide a list of items they no longer wear. For example, that shirt from the ex that will never be worn again, that single-use cocktail dress, or that kids outfit that is in great shape but no longer fits.
  • Just like StubHub, thredUP plays matchmaker. They do the matching and provide the prepaid envelopes. Also like StubHub, thredUP never takes possession of the clothing.

It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Great news for single moms, the thredUP team is gearing up for the launch of thredUP kids, a place for busy moms to conveniently exchange kids clothing online. The model will look very much like the traditional men’s and women’s thredUP, except moms will be able to swap boxes of kids clothes. The service is perfect for eco-conscious, busy moms who want to save time and money. Sign-up here to be part of the invite-only launch and a chance to swap your first box of kids clothes for free:  threadUP.