Out With the Old, In With the Older!

By Maggie Malach

One way to achieve a wardrobe that is uniquely you is to check out some vintage stores. These places are filled with hidden gems just waiting to be uncovered. While shopping consignment is both challenging and usually cost-effective, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when scouring the racks. Here are our tips on how to get your ultimate vintage closet:

1. Inspect clothes carefully before buying. Used clothes mean… used clothes. While many (including myself) relish in the history that a pre-owned garment holds, it’s important to check for any permanent stains or unsightly tears. Some things may be fixed with a little bit a stain remover, but no matter how cheap the price of a garment is, it’s not worth it if it’s ruined beyond repair.

2. Alter, alter, alter. I have found some fabulous vintage clothes that fit me like a glove, but this is not usually the case. Don’t shy away from a pair of pants just because they are a little loose in the waist. A good tailor can make minor adjustments that make a huge difference!

3. Know where to go. Your store of choice depends on what you are looking for. When I want clothes that I can style up myself (and potentially ruin) at little cost, I hit up the closest Goodwill. You can’t beat the prices, especially on discount days. For more classic pieces, I look for higher end consignment shops. For instance, I just found a store where the older residents of a wealthy neighborhood nearby donate their clothes.

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