Q&A: Beauty with a Conscience

By Erin Donnelly

PeaceKeeper Cause-MeticsQ. I’m tired of throwing my money at mega beauty conglomerates. Are there any smaller, ethically minded beauty brands that support charitable groups?

A. While many brand-name beauty brands support various charities through limited-edition products and projects (special lipsticks that fund breast cancer research, etc.), one lesser-known beauty line is making a big impact through its charitable contributions. The do-gooder in question: PeaceKeeper Cause-Metics (get it?), the first cosmetics line to donate all of its after-tax distributable profits to charities supporting women’s health advocacy and human rights issues worldwide.

Founded by Judy Weiss, PeaceKeeper gives your beauty budget added value; you’re not simply buying a lip gloss, you’re helping to fund a range of pro-women causes. And the ethical platform doesn’t end there; PeaceKeeper also steers clear of animal testing, ensures fair working conditions, and uses natural, earth-friendly ingredients so you can get glam without the guilt. Treat your nails to the colorful, vegan Nail Paints, or pucker up with some sexy burgundy UNIFEM Lipgloss, which supports the United Nations’ Development Fund for Women in its efforts to end violence against women.

Want to show some love? Join the brand’s Kiss Museum—Daryl Hannah and Bonnie Raitt are just two of the big names who have participated—by sending in your smooch with a donation of $1 or more, which will go towards educating females in need. And to read more about taking action in women’s issues, read PeaceKeeper’s eye-opening Truth Serum Blog, an informative account of what women are doing to better the world.

Helping womankind for the price of a lipstick? Now that’s what I call an offer you can’t refuse.

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