Q&A: Body Exfoliators to Try At Home

By Erin Donnelly

Q. Ack! This winter weather has made my skin unbelievably dry and scaly. Now that Spring’s here, I’d love to book a spa appointment, but can’t really afford it right now. What are some great exfoliators I can use at home instead?

A. I feel your pain—winter skin is the pits! And while I love nothing more than treating myself to a thorough body polish at a spa (my spa therapist says that in her native Morocco it’s common to get polished about once a week, lucky folks), it’s easy to master the treatment at home on your own. Just be sure to stock up on these tools, and work them deep into the skin before hopping in the shower or bath:
Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish: This cult beauty product uses brown sugar to slough away dead skin, while essential oils like primrose and sweet almond lavish your body with TLC.
BeautyScrub Exfoliant Pour Les Mains: Available in peppermint & lavender or orange & lemon, this fantastic-smelling scrub polishes hands and feet to perfection.
Bliss Super Slough Scrub: Short on time? Scrub-a-dub-dub during your morning shower with this intense foaming exfoliator.
Benefit Wonderbod Wonder Mitt: Meet the next generation of loofahs. This shower-ready mitt has a smooth terry-cloth surface for cleansing, and a textured side for sloughing.
Pure Fiji Coconut Sugar Scrub: If you’d like to banish winter entirely, take a trip to the tropics with this indulgent body scrub infused with coconut oil and exotic nut extracts. Choose from glorious tropical scents like coconut, mango, pineapple and passionflower.
Aquis Essentials Microfiber Face & Body Mitt: This versatile cloth is gentle enough for day-to-day cleansing, rejuvenating the skin with a soft touch.
Juara Candlenut Body Polish: Give your body a botanical boost with this yummy-smelling candlenut oil-infused scrub. Or, try Juara’s top-selling Invigorating Coffee Scrub for a morning buzz.

Want to go really low-budget? Skip Sephora and hit the supermarket instead. Brown sugar acts as a natural and effective body polish, so rub it into your skin before rinsing it off in a nice warm shower. Finish up with a heavy coating of body lotion and marvel at your baby-soft bod.


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