Q&A: Boosting Your Hair’s Shine

By Erin Donnelly

Q: My locks are still suffering from winter-related dryness, and it’s driving me nuts. What products should I try to restore some much-needed shine so I can wear my hair down for spring?

pic1A: Don’t you just adore that bouncy, silky look your hair has when you leave the salon? Me too. Unfortunately, keeping the shiny—and not oily—momentum going is sometimes easier said than done, and your budget doesn’t allow for weekly trips to Sally Hershberger. Instead, you need to find a shine-boosting product that works with your hair type, one that undoes dryness and damage while imparting a healthy infusion of shine and moisture without making you look like Danny Zucco’s understudy.

Want to be one of the shiny happy people? Try these dullness-dashing hair wonders.
Cantu Super Shine Hair Silk: Lest the name leave you in any doubt, this lightweight hair treatment adds a silky, not sticky, shine while protecting against those evil UV rays and zapping frizz. Great for all hair types, the product can be used for either daily styling on dry hair or as a 20-minute deep conditioning treatment on damp locks.
Weleda Rosemary Hair Oil: Purists swear by this all-natural—and great-smelling—hair oil. Just a few drops will help condition dry, damaged locks and restore your hair’s gorgeous glow.

Soft-Sheen Carson Optimum Oil Therapy: A must for ethnic hair, the Optimum Oil Therapy collection features everything a gal needs to quench dry and brittle locks. The Shine Booster hair oil smoothes and tames tresses to silky perfection, the Over-Nite Strengthener fortifies hair while you snooze, and the Ultimate Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner lock in shine as you shower.


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