Q&A: Date Night Survival Kit

By Erin Donnelly

Date night survival kitQ. I’m newly single and am about to go on my first date in years. I’m obviously really nervous, and want to be as prepared as possible. Any tips for some emergency items I should stash in my purse to help the evening go as smoothly as possible?

A. Firstly, congratulations on getting back out there. Secondly, chill out! Though we’ve all had our share of dating horror stories, it’s really not nearly as intimidating as it seems—especially when there’s a slew of quick fix products on the market to help you deal with potential disasters (sadly there’s still no cure for the boring date who drones on about his ex the entire night).

Hopefully you won’t have to rely on these emergency date-savers, but just knowing they’re in your purse may help you feel more confident. Now be yourself, check your teeth for spinach, and have fun!

The Date Snafu: The restaurant’s air conditioner is at full blast, which means your breasts are at full mast.

The Solution: Low Beams. Nip those chilly nips in the bud by keeping them under this protective cover. Now maybe the waiter will stop staring at your chest. Bonus: The company also makes Matchsticks, life-saving body stick tape that will help you steer clear of wardrobe malfunctions.

The Date Snafu: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

The Solution: OneDerWear. This five-pack of disposable underwear (choose from thongs, bikini briefs, or classic briefs) rolls up so you can easily tuck it into your purse. These can come in handy whether your date goes really well (sleepover!) or really badly (use your imagination).

The Date Snafu: The perfect little black dress + not enough stomach crunches = a bulgier silhouette than you’d like.

The Solution: Spanx. The best thing to happen to women since Brad Pitt, this collection of body-shaping (and bulge-flattening) under garments will give the curves you want and hide the ones you don’t. To avoid any Bridget Jones’s Diary-style mishaps, however, excuse yourself to the bathroom and slip them inside your handbag should the evening “progress.”

The Date Snafu: The Cabernet was fabulous—until it landed on your new (cream) skirt.

The Solution: Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover. This magic wand is handy at wiping out embarrassing stains.

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