Q&A: Hot Holiday Hair Tips from Top Colorist Mia

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Q. I’ve been invited to a few big holiday parties, and would like to do something special with my hair. Any advice?

A. The holiday season, and the bevy of parties it comes with, provides a great reason to show the world a more beautiful you. Check out my tips below to score hot holiday hair—whatever your hair type or needs.

  1. Time for a touch up? It’s fall and your sexy summer highlights can be wrapped up in rich chocolate or warm golden hues…think Penelope Cruz or Gisele. It’s a great way to tone down, sass up, and let your hair rest until it’s time for those sun-kissed highlights again!
  2. Your color looks good but looking for some ooomph? If you are between visits to your colorist, make an appointment for a glaze. Clear glazes can improve texture and increase shine. Tinted glazes can brighten golden tones, soften brassy blondes, enrich redheads, and refresh the life of your color!
  3. Damaged hair? Phi-tenbella Treatment is designed for hair that has been abused by chemicals and thermal heat. Collagen and keratin repair damaged hair and help keep moisture in the hair, making it healthy, shiny, and beautiful.
  4. No time for a trip to your colorist? Bumble and bumble’s Hair Powder can be sprayed directly on the head to hide roots, soak up oil, and give your hair more body. It’s a temporary solution for practically every hair color.
  5. Roots are screaming for love, but time and money are not on your side? Steer clear from straight hair styles and slicked-back up-dos. They will only draw attention to your roots. Opt for styles with plenty of curl.

Mia has worked as a sought-after colorist at premier San Francisco salons such as Architects and Heroes and DiPietro Todd. Her work has been recommended by Allure Magazine. Mia specializes in cutting-edge color techniques such as Bayalage, a technique used on Hollywood A-listers like Gisele and Jennifer Aniston. Learn more at ColorbyMia.com.

We LUVLUVLUV IT, and so will you!

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