Q&A: How Can I Work Fall’s Fashion Trends on the Cheap?

By Erin Donnelly

fallfashionQ. Money is tight right now, but I’m desperate to update my look for fall. I can’t afford to splurge on big designer trends, but are there any smaller items I could buy to stay current this season?

A. It’s all about the accessories, baby. The right bag, shoes or scarf can help you pick up the seasonal trends without spending a ton of money or going overboard on a trend that will soon be a distant memory. Here are a few items I recommend for fall 2009.

-A faux fur scarf. The ‘40s are back in a big way on the runway, and a faux fur scarf adorned with a brooch and thrown over a blazer is a great way to try out the trend in a glamorous way. Plus, it will keep you nice and toasty!

-A neon clutch. The ‘40s aren’t the only decade enjoying a style renaissance. Big, flashy 1980s gear is all over the shops, but can go from trendy to tacky in 10 seconds flat. A day-glo pink or blue patent clutch paired with a little black dress or jeans and a dark sweater is a small dose of high-energy color.


-Houndstooth. Instead of splurging on a houndstooth coat that you may not wear again, keep it simple with a checked scarf that you can throw over a sweater. Very classy.

-Colored tights. Bright tights may not fly at the office, but come date night or museum-hopping with your pals, keep your legs warm with an eye-catching pair of tomato red, forest green, mustard yellow, or cobalt blue stockings.

So what are you waiting for—time to hit the shops!

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